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We are Veganders

The taste of Beauty – for a holistic experience

Your hands dig in fertile earth and knead fresh dough. Your eyes drink in the enchanting beauty of nature and the elegance of historic, ancient cities. The aroma of freshly chopped herbs fills your nose. Your tongue is titillated by new nuances of taste. Your lungs take deep breaths of fresh, untouched valley air. Your body moves in perfect harmony with your soul during Yoga and Walks.
Being Veganders means for us, taking care of yourself – and of the world around us.

Our Team


Heike und Federico

Your Hosts

Ever since we first met we knew we shared the same passions. Travelling and Eating. Based on this we developed the dream to show Italian culture and cuisine to people from other countries while at the same time respecting our environment and tradition. Veganders originates from this dream. We are delighted to have finally found a great team of friends that can help us realise our dream. We relish this exciting opportunity to show our guests this entirely new perspective on Italy, its food, and maybe also, something within themselves.

Chicca and Matteo

Your Privatechefs

Chicca: I have worked as a chef for many years now and specialise in the wonderful cuisine of my native Tuscany. For the last several years my interests have turned towards the vegan kitchen and how to unite it with the traditional cuisine of Italy. In my kitchen, tradition and sustainable lifestyle go hand in hand. Matteo: I have worked in many kitchens all around the world. For some time now I have become increasingly fascinated by vegan cooking. It reflects my beliefs of respect for our planet and its limited resources. I am very enthusiastic to contribute my skills and values to the Veganders project. Chicca and I interpret the Italian cuisine in a new way. One that unites the respect for our planet with the pleasure of good food.